The Heartstone Prophecy

The Keepers have held them for years. Centuries. Millennium, perhaps. Longer than the Kingdom of Tolos, by any account, for even the Tired Ones have stories of the lengths to which the Keepers have gone to keep them hidden, to keep them safe.

But not even the Tired Ones recall any stories of the Keepers disappearing, if that is what is happening. Some say the Blighted have been hunting the Keepers, eliminating them, but the indiscriminate fury with which those damned souls are ravaging the Three Kingdoms suggests a panicked desperation. Or maybe fear.

And the Blighted should be frightened, for the prophecy that many have forgotten or long since marked as irrelevant, antiquated or as mere children’s rhyme suddenly seems to have a renewed significance:

Stranger stars bear witness
The lost, the hidden veins
How empty now my caverns
Will feel their heat again!

By this beware, my cancer
When Heartstone has been healed
The essence of your carnage
Becomes the sword I wield!

The Heartstone Prophecy